12 Techniques for Letting Go of Your Clutter



Remember, it’s not clutter if you really love it. Always keep in mind that it’s ok to keep the things you really appreciate, this is more about discovering what you love and separating those things out from the overwhelming mass of “stuff” in your surroundings so you can have more freedom to enjoy your life. Make sure that you really want to do this, and are not doing it because you “should”, or because someone else in your life is pressuring you. This is powerful work, and will affect many areas of your life as you clear the space to receive.
Many people think of letting go as having less, but actually, there are many more things you will have MORE of: freedom, peace of mind, ease of access. Almost all my clients are amazed at how much more abundance they feel when they start letting go of the “too much” in their lives. Try it—it’s catching! When you are ready to start, I recommend you take a deep breath, be thankful for your willingness to do this difficult work, and enjoy the process!
1. Set aside a short period of time and identify one place to start—one cabinet, one drawer, one closet, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Keep in mind why you are doing this; to clear your energetic field of the things that no longer serve you and to discover who and what you are truly about. There is a freedom in this process that will deeply release you.
2. If there is something that you are sentimentally attached to because of the memory or person it reminds you of but you don’t love the item, consider taking a photograph and then giving away or tossing the object.
3. Before you begin, set a numerical standard for your environment, such as, “I will only keep things that I consider more that an ‘8’ [or whatever number feels right for you]”. As you sort through your things, assign them a number, and stick to your policy. It is amazing how well this works for some people!
4. As you have your hands on the item, simply ask yourself, “do I LOVE it?” If not, let it go. Most people never ask themselves that question, and end up surrounded with things they don’t even want, need or care for.
5. Make a policy for your collections, such as magazines, i.e. I will only keep the issues from the previous three months, or I will donate or give away any clothing that I haven’t worn in the last year.
6. Create a “memorabilia box”, and keep only your most prized treasures there. This way, you can consciously choose the things you love the most and let go of the rest.
7. Use the mantra, “I can keep the memory, and let go of the thing.”
8. Ask yourself, “why am I keeping this?” and really listen for the answer.
9. Choose a friend or family member you trust to sit with you for this process. For many people, letting go is easier with someone else there.
10. Literally KISS the item goodbye. If you used to love something, try giving it a goodbye kiss just before letting it go. Somehow, this closes an energetic door with the item, while acknowledging your feelings about it.
11. Many people attach the feelings they have for the giver of the gift to the item, and therefore have a hard time letting go of such things as Aunt Mary’s orange, yellow and brown crocheted afghan, even though it doesn’t fit with their color scheme (nor would it ever!). In this case, try “breathing in” all of the energy of Aunt Mary from the item, and the see how easy it is to let go!
12. Create a “decompression chamber”—a shelf or drawer near where you are working, for the “maybe” items. Tell yourself that this chamber can remove the emotional charge you have on the item from the item itself. In a few hours, go back to the item and see if you still want to keep it, once it has been “de-charged”. It’s amazing how effective this can be!


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